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It was coming up to Christmas, Lee and April were happily settled in their new home and their sisters had been coming quite often to stay over and catch up on how things had been going, things were looking good for the whole family ,

“So what you got Lee for Christmas then?” it was Christmas Eve and April was sat with Stephanie chatting while Lee was out,

“Hmm now its my turn!” April said as she slowly held her sisters breasts in her hands looking at Lee she lowered her head and licked the top of her right breast licking off the cum Lee had just deposited, Steph moaned as she felt her sister’s tongue lick off all their brothers cum, before she went down to her nipple and sucked it, biting lightly as she got all the dripping cum in her mouth and savoured the salty taste, washing her mouth with it before swallowing the cum down and moving to the left nipple to do the same, Lee watched the show with awe, April’s tongue flicking out to get the last drips off her sisters before all three laid on the bed together,

“Ohhh God don’t tease me” April called out as she felt Steph once again move away as she was on the very edge of her sisters pussy with her tongue, but again she licked and kissed away smiling as she lifted her hand and slowly rubbed her sisters clit with it, taking the erect nub between her finger tips she pulled it and made April scream as she nearly orgasmed

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